We’re back

It’s great to be back up and running. We spent lockdown getting fitter, healthier and reconnecting to our roots. We’ve updated our website to reflect these things a bit more, so explore this site for a flavour. Essentially the things that are important to us are nature, craft and design, art, and the environment. Running our own business means we can play by our own rules. I think for a while we were trying too hard to dance to other people’s beats. We’ve wanted to make our company more sustainable for a long time, but various things held us back including time and affordability. We’ve decided to plough on with our plans, even if they are difficult and our selection is limited compared with our competitors. We don’t want to compare ourselves to our competitors because no framer is working in the way we want to work. Visit our sustainability page to get an introduction into these changes. We’re aware these things are an evolving process and it will take time, and we don’t have all the answers. We welcome anyone to point out better ways of achieving what we want to achieve.

Open by appointment

One thing we’ve changed is how people use us. We now run an appointments system to help us control the amount of people visiting us at one time. This system also allows us to book off time to focus on the important things we want to change in our business. Part of why we haven’t made the improvements we’ve wanted to for so long is just not having enough hours in the day. Our system can give us those hours. Read more about appointments and how they work here.

How to contact us

Most of our staff are still furloughed or on reduced hours because demand is down at the moment. This means Simon is often in the workshop alone. He usually struggles to answer the phone because if he’s not in a consultation he’s working on frames that are often complex with processes that can’t be stopped mid-flow. If you want to chat over the phone, the best way is to book a telephone appointment. Read more here. Email is the best way of contacting us, but be aware Simon may not be able to reply straightaway. You’re welcome to give us a nudge if you haven’t heard back within a reasonable time – our email system seems to be playing up recently and our replies are not always getting through.

Choppy waters

These uncertain times can be difficult to navigate, our energy is going into staying afloat without losing sight of our values. We have vulnerable staff and household members, and we’re changing our home situation to reduce the risk of passing anything to those close to us (read about our Covid-19 measures here). This all takes time, so things like our High Five exhibition are on the backburner until we’ve got our head securely above water again. Thanks to all who’ve continued to support us through this time, and for your patience and understanding. We love you all!



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