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A 100 kilo frame, bestselling art prints, and our personal lockdown projects.

It’s been a crazy year of being furloughed for the most part, but we still managed to work on some incredible projects between lockdowns, including framing for Otomys Contemporary. The painting above for Otomys is by Caroline Denervaud, a Swiss-born artist living in Paris who is known for her performance-based paintings such as this.

Just before this latest lockdown we framed our heaviest work yet, weighing in at over 100kg framed. The photo below shows it with its lifting braces on.

And we’ve been printing Frome-based Toby Holmes’ bestselling tongue-in-cheek digital collages – available to buy on Etsy or Artrepublic.

We’ve overhauled our printing department, moving our beast of a printer; the 44inch canon from our workshop over to a brand new photo lab studio hosted by photographer Tom Hull. Our scanner will be joining it soon too, freeing up space in our workshop and reducing the ever present threat of dust from our woodworking. We’ve now got a smaller 24inch printer in our workshop to increase our printing capacity. We’ll continue to use the 44inch for large works and during times of high demand. Nothing changes about the way you order and collect prints from us though. All consultations and collections still take place at our workshop.

Lockdown projects

Most of us have been on furlough for the better part of the year. Here’s a look into what everyone at Mount have been getting up to in their new-found spare time.

Joe, our longest-serving employee, has had a baby (timing his paternity leave to coincide with lockdown: Joe is always super-efficient). Congratulations, Joe and Karis! Before baby Hockey came along Joe spent much of last year at his allotment. He’s also been swimming whenever the pool has been open, and doing a lot of yoga.

Tom has exhibited works from his project Shaped by Stone at In Steps of Sundew exhibition, Fermynwoods Contemporary Art, with an accompanying podcast.  He finished working on ‘Death of a Story (Slab)’ in summer 2020. This was a graphite rubbing of a slate slab situated in the mortuary of the Dinorwig Quarry Hospital, North Wales. Go to https://borrowed-time.info/about/ to find out about associated events. Tom is taking part in the Somerset Reacquainted project, online and at the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury. But most of his time has been taken up with homeschooling his daughter; a project in itself.

Jennifer finished the first draft of a novel, and began a short story collection in 2020. She’s in the process of launching her new graphic design website www.coo-ee.co.uk

Simon’s been working on an immense spreadsheet to help Mount pricing and scheduling jobs, and keeping things ticking along at Mount. He and Jennifer have also been busy keeping in shape with the help of Dan Chipp and Zoom.

New apprentice, Jyn, has joined the team on a 6-month internship to learn all the ins and outs of fine art printing and framemaking. Jyn’s an artist too and has been working on new drawings over lockdown. Check out her work over on https://www.jynartist.com/

How to visit us

We launched a new appointments system last year, which has been going really well. For the time being we’re encouraging people to book in rather than dropping by unannounced. Our space is small, so if someone’s ahead of you in the queue it’s a case of waiting outside in the cold. Better to book in to ensure a comfortable visit with minimal waiting around. We’re not necessarily always in either, sometimes we’re down at our printing lab, or out buying supplies, making deliveries, or collecting works. As lockdown eases and our staff come off furlough (and paternity leave) we’ll be able to accept more drop-ins. For now using our appointment system will be hugely helpful to us all.


We’ve jettisoned all obeche timber from our framing selections. Read more about why over on our sustainability page https://mount-art.co.uk/sustainability/

We’re working as fast as we can to be as sustainable as possible. Keep a look out about new measures to come.

See you soon

Thanks to everyone who’ve continued to support us over the years, we love you all. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already to be the first to hear about new posts, and what we’ve been up to.


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