Note: current turnaround could be up to 14 days at the moment, due to us moving studio. (It may be less, best to email Jennifer)

Professional fine art printing using top-of-the-range giclée printing technology. We have a large range of papers to choose from, including archival cottons, photo papers, canvas and specialist media such as film and washi paper.

Our printers

We have two printers, a 44”Canon iPF8400, and a Canon Pro-2100. Both have 12 lucia pigment inks, these printers have the widest colour gamut available and can faithfully reproduce artwork and photographs as true to the original colour as can be.

Giclee printing uses inkjet technology with archival quality inks and papers.


We can scan artwork up to A1 in size, 35mm, medium and large format negatives and transparency film. We are experienced in digitising artwork, and family archives.

Prices & guide

Click the link below for a basic and an in-depth price list and spec guide for your files. If your files are not ready to print there are different services available to help you (see the in-depth pricelist).

basic print & scan prices 2022

in-depth prices (including file editing prices)


appointments are limited between 1st April  until mid-April. (This doesn’t affect anyone who has already booked in between those dates). We’re moving some of our printing production to a new premises. It can take a little while for inks to settle when printers are moved, and our new system will need to be re-profiled, so printing will be limited during this time.

We can post you paper samples, and answer queries via email. You can book a phone appointment via email and we’ll call you if you’d like to speak to us. 

If you have your artwork or photographs already digitised and ready to print, you can email us your file to jennifer @ –  please make sure they are ready to print, or see our in-depth print prices pdf for more information on our services available to help get a file ready for printing.

Waiting times

Current times: due to moving studios our waiting times have temporarily increased. Email Jennifer to enquire. Turnaround could be anywhere between 3 – 14 days at the moment.

Average times:

Prints up to 24″ on the short edge: 1-2 days depending on urgency and capacity, but best to allow up to 5 working days if possible.

Prints larger than 24″ on the short edge: 4-10 days.

Email for all print & scanning enquiries.