Past Exhibitions: Water, Air, Luminosity

Before we moved to Frome we were based in Dorset (The Old Print Room). Read about our past exhibitions in this short blog post series “past exhibitions”, and get a flavour of our style and the sort of shows we’re looking to curate for our pop-up gallery in Frome.

Water, Air, Luminosity 


past exhibition water-air-luminosity

Our fist solo show was ‘Water, Air, Luminosity’: a collection of works by Jason Miller, a multi-disciplined artist from Poole.

The exhibition brought together a number of watercolour and gouache studies from the Horizon series, as well as sculptures from the Open series and a number of paintings on canvas.  Jason’s work considers marine light and sculptural form as analogous to emotional and meditative states.

Jason Miller artist

Jason Miller artist Jason Miller artist

Jason Miller artist Jason Miller artist

Jason studied Art History at The University of Sussex before becoming a multi-disciplinary artist.  He is a graduate in Applied Art and Design from Bournemouth University.

Jason’s current art practise involves the exploration of colour and light in pared down compositions in both 2-D and 3-D. His painting process begins with colour studies in gouache and watercolour. These studies evolve into larger paintings on canvas which develop the themes further through a broadening of expressive language and technique.

The sculptural works are primarily built from found materials. Jason prefers working in wood, both as it is found in nature and as processed timber. Wood displays colour in ways he enjoys and is a wonderful medium for  the expression of ideas in three dimensions.

“The influences which feed my work are the local landscape and most particularly the light; the native bird colourings I see whilst birding; a long term practise of meditation and of course the art and craft that I regularly seek out for inspiration. These are the things of care and quiet joy which interest me and inspire me to work.”

Jason Miller artist private view water, air, luminosity. past exhibition Jason Miller artist preview

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