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 Kobi & Teal website launch

17 year old Tom Holborn was with us a couple of weeks back doing his work experience. During Frome Open Studios he caught up with Kobi&Teal’s co-founder, Nick Fraser. Kobi&Teal have just officially launched their website – read on to find out more about the gallery/ shop and a link to see the new site.

Words and pictures by Tom Holburn.

During our visits to Frome Open Studios, we visited Kobi & Teal gallery and  spoke to Nick Fraser; Nick’s interior products are contemporary and playful by design. He combines function and character together to create his work. The gallery area boasted a range of objects, with both form and function.

Kobi  & Teal Storefront
Kobi & Teal Storefront
Nick Fraser
Nick Fraser

Nick was kind enough to answer a few questions of ours when we dropped in:

What would you say influences your work personally?

I look at everyday objects and try to enhance their qualities – give them a new function, a new finish. For instance, the coat hangers; the copper pipes are actually quite beautiful but people hide them away for their intended function. I bring them out and give them a new function and new intrinsic qualities.

What made you want to work with interior products and design?

I always took creative subjects when I was younger and as I was doing my foundation course, I was really pulled more in the direction of the functionality and design of objects.

What does the name “Kobi & Teal” mean, where did it come from?

When we were looking for a name for the shop, we wanted something that’s relevant to us, colour and vibrancy. We already knew we were going to paint the store teal, so we looked up all the names of colours. And when we found Kobi, which is a pink colour; on the colour spectrum, its actually the opposite of teal. So we found a name which sounds like a designer brand, but also no-one has ever actually thought of. Which is good because we don’t have to look for trademarks and things like that.

What are your ambitions?

Well, I want to maintain the shop and use it to create individual pieces rather than worry about standardising mass produced products. I want to focus on bespoke objects.

Do you have any work in progress?

A couple months ago, I took on a project which involves a map of the London Underground. Quite a big project, so I’m going to break it down and use my pipeline work and incorporate into this project.

Can you tell us about Denman & Gould and your collaboration with them?

Yeah, we actually met through the Frome Independent market and we asked them if they would like to work here. We offered them a spot here at the store and It was good because we got to talk about it as an exhibition rather than us talking about it as business.

Why did you choose to set up your gallery here in Frome?

Haha, it was actually by accident! We were offered the space and we saw it really as an opportunity not to be turned down. So we took the place as we needed the extra studio space and we also live in Frome so that always helps.

Thanks to Nick for allowing some of his time to us. Visit Kobi&Teal’s brand new website now:



Denman & Gould
Denman & Gould

Denman & Gould are currently exhibiting their recent collection of contemporary craft, homeware and art at Kobi&Teal. The exhibition, titled “Other Place”, features from the 4th July to the 3rd September. Denman & Gould collaborate to create individual pieces of crafted objects, furniture and textile design. They have a focus on meaningful design using natural tools and materials. Later this year, Denman & Gould will be teaming up with Mount to develop and create special designer picture frames. We are excited to see what they come up with.

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