We work with finesse, care and precision to deliver outstanding results.

Our art installation technicians are highly trained and experienced in handling, hanging, and installing artworks in a variety of situations, from galleries and museums to private estates and homes.

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Gagosian. V&A. Fitzwilliam College. The Royal Crescent. A semi-detached in a small market town.

We’ve helped all sorts of institutions and individuals to move, hang, and install artwork into a variety of locations. We have the know-how to ensure the right fixings are used for your set-up whether your walls are crumbly stone, plasterboard or brick blocks. Our team is experienced in handling sculptures and objects, historic gilded frames and contemporary installations.

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handling your collection with the utmost care

There’s a lot to think about when you’re moving house. The safety of your art collection needs to be carefully considered. Ordinary house movers don’t have the technical ability, insurance cover, or experience to handle fine art and sculpture that require specialised handling. When it comes to hanging your art collection in your new home, you need to be confident that you’ve got the right set up for the walls. What was safe in your old house might not match-up in a house built from totally different materials. Our specialized door to door art moving service ensures your collection is taken care of, handled professionally and properly insured.

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We offer solutions for all sorts of projects including working with Interior Designers and DIYers to successfully realise interior projects. We help relocate objects and furniture from auction houses and reclamation yards, safely installing them into their new locations.

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Our experienced technicians and art installers possess the experience to expertly handle, transport, install and deinstall artworks of all sizes and forms. We can also fabricate mounts for objects, as well as museum-level framing.

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Our art installation service is complimented by a full spectrum of artist services, including bespoke picture framing, conservation, printing, graphic design and curatorial assistance. This means that we can sort everything out for you in-house.

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visit our exhibition services page to book an appointment, alternatively you can email us or give us a ring (01373 473894).

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