Gallery Wall at Mount

We have a lovely gallery wall in our workshop that we like to hang work, some of which is for sale.

Art Wall at Mount
March-June 2015 configuration

Top left: framed original graphite drawing by Paul Newman: £425

close up of one of the pieces showing on our art wall


Centre: print by Allie Oldfield. NFS

Top right: original framed graphite drawing of Hay Tor by Paul Newman: £475.

close up of one of the pieces showing on our art wall


 Bottom left: print by Allie Oldfield. This print isn’t for sale, but you can buy one from here and we can frame it in the same style here at Mount.

Bottom right: screen print by Julia Pott, available from I Dress Myself Screenprinters in the workshop above ours. Framed by Mount.

close up of two of the pieces showing on our art wall: Julia Pott & Allie Oldfield

We currently have a giclee photographic print by Reza Riahi, framed: £180 (limited edition of 20)

Current configuration.
close up of one of the pieces showing on our gallery wall: Reza Riahi

We’re looking for artists who’d be interested in having their work on our gallery wall for sale. We also have a space that more unusual, perhaps sculptural pieces could go, in what looks like a boarded-up fireplace. This space was never actually a fireplace, our workshop was once the engine room for the silk mill and we think this was where a vent may have come out.

Currently we store leaflets and flyers here, but we’re getting a table to put these things on that will be out in the hallway, so this space can be used.

tumblr_nkjwh19tnf1tufb8go3_500 062


We currently display our Tom Bayliss tracing paper print “Nest” in our sanding room window, which looks great



If you are interested in having your work on our wall, email us on

We will consider all applications, but we have to carefully curate the space to promote our brand and we need to ensure that all the works shown gel together well. We will only be able to accept particular works that fit the space and our brand, but we are keen to see a variety of different works.

In addition to the stone wall we have other walls around the workshop that we could display art on.

Please note that all work we display on our workshop walls must be framed, mounted or printed here at Mount. 

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