Frome Open Studios: Susan Punter

Frome Open Studios trail: Mount visits a selection of studios in Frome.

We only had limited time over the 10 days that the 19 Frome-based artists opened their studios this year. So we decided to focus on seeing artists and studios we hadn’t visited before. This is part 2 of a short series of blog posts about our experience of the trail. Visit Part 1 here.

Our 2nd studio visit was to the unlikely location of a sofa shop. I’d never visited Sofabulous before and was delighted to see that the owner makes use of the wall space to display a mixture of art.  I recommend visiting the shop even though it’s now out of Open Studios season, as there is art work on the walls all year round. The permanent collection is Sarah Clarke’s excellent colourful Frome scenes.

Sarah Clarke

For Frome Open Studios, artist Susan Punter was exhibiting her beautiful work.

Sofabulous Frome

Susan Punter

Susan was at the shop when I dropped in and agreed to answer a few questions about her work.

1) What led you to explore your particular subject matter?

Travel! I thrive on travel and the different cultural experiences this opens up. I have a particular passion for people and dance; the dynamic energy and intense focus of dance I find fascinating and the cultural variation supporting this art form is limitless. I also enjoy portraying people in scenes of relaxation for example in Cafés, bars and restaurants; I term these Café du Monde scenes. 

  2) What are your ambitions as an artist?

To keep on seeing and translating this vision into a perceivable form so that others can travel with me.

 3) What influences you? eg: what artists influence your work and approach?

Van Gogh for seeing the dynamic energy in all. Camille Claudel for translating the human form, particularly that of the child, in her sculpture. Pissarro for bringing sunlight to canvas. Leonardo for bringing art and science together to produce exquisite paintings, sculptures and amazing inventions. The list is endless! 

 Travel is my biggest influence as this brings a constant stream of new perceptions not only from the differences in culture but the changes in light and nature.

4) Do you have any other exhibitions lined up for the near future?

I am focussing on producing work at present and I will be spending a few months in Venice at the end of this year to gather more material to support this. I am joining new art groups to expand my opportunities to exhibit here in the South West and will also look for venues in Italy to exhibit when I am there. I will be planning for new exhibitions in 2017 at the end of this year. My work can be viewed at: where I post upcoming exhibitions. I also post exhibitions on twitter.

Do check out Susan’s website and Twitter! 


We’ll be featuring more Frome Open Studios write-ups here in the coming days/ weeks.

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