Frome Open Studios 2018: Part 3

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Venue 13: High Street – ARC studios

This is a fantastic venue. There are three artists working from here, all very different but with a strong relationship between the works. ARC Studios is owned by Stina Falle, a true life-long artist who works in many media. She’s accumulated a vast body of works and now is finding it hard to store it all. Her solution is to let anyone take whatever they want in exchange for a donation to Mind charity. Stina was Sectioned a number of years ago and went on to make etchings and books that explore her time in an institution. This is an important body of work and really should not be missed. I fell in love with one of Stina’s drawings, found in a pile of works in a wheelbarrow.

Stina Falle

ARC Studios hosts ceramicist and artist Rachel Yoxall-James – she makes beautiful porcelain sculptures of figures, and related drawings. Showing alongside Rachel is Boann Lambert, who’s wonderful prints relate well to Rachel’s works, and her new textiles and mixed media pieces are stunning. You can collaborate with Boann by giving her some words that she can add to her textile works. All the artists at this venue are a definite must-see.


Rachel Yoxall Boann Lambert

Frome Open Studios Trail

Venue 15: Catherine Street – 58 Catherine Street

Jeweller Tania Covo is hosting guests Amy Casto and Daniel Musslewhite, all of which work well together. Tania’s jewellery is hand-made, using found materials such as sea glass, and pottery shards. Have a look in her window for a brilliant display of the process from shards of pottery to beautiful bracelet. Amy Casto has two amazing large fine ink drawings on display, alongside a comic book, glassware, and prints. Daniel Musslewhite is an established jeweller with a range of contemporary silver and gold items. This is a must-see venue!

58 Catherine Street Amy Casto

Sadly this was all the venues I could fit in that were open on my spare day. There are a few other venues that I would have liked to see, and will hopefully stop off at over the weekend, including –

venue 4 – Kit Sadgrove street photography – this looks really different, it’s nice to see work that challenges and offers something unique.

venue 9 – Chris Pig – Everyone is raving about Chris Pig. I loved the work he showed recently at the Why Gallery, so this studio is a must-see

venue 10 – John Beeching – I love photography, so this is a venue on my radar.

venue 16 – Neal Rolinson – We’ve worked with Neal in the past and really love his work, so we’ll definitely swing by to see his studio this weekend.

venue 23 – Elisita Kemp – Out in Buckland Dinham – we love Elisita’s work and are very sad we can’t get out to B.Dinham to see her fantastic photography.

Pick up a Frome Open Studios brochure from any venue (lots here at the Silk Mill) for further information on all the artists featured here. You can also download it online:

All the venues look amazing, it’s hard to squeeze them all in but we’ve done our best!

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