Frome Open Studios 2018 Part 2

Our Frome Open Studios 2018 trail continued to the Keyford area of Frome – see previous post for the first instalment.

Venue 3: Keyford – Art at No 60

We visited “Art at No 60” featuring ceramics by Bill Grant, paintings by Bridget Beattie, Kate Cochrane, and Kristin Vincent, sculpture by Quentin Fleming and glass art by Wendy Wood. This was the first time I’d ventured into the lovely garden at this venue, as Quentin’s sculptures were showing here. The setting really set off his work well. There was a lovely mixture of movement and groundedness in his work.

Quentin Fleming Quentin Fleming sculpture

Kate Cohrane’s paintings are as stunning as ever, and the other painters showing here work well alongside. I liked Bridget Beattie’s paintings, and the ceramics by Bill Grant were lovely.

Venue 5: Keyford – Keyford Artisans

Next a quick stride across the road to venue 5, showing the beautiful knitting by Mary Henderson, paintings by Janet Friel. Mary gave me a quick history of her house too, which was really interesting, and one of the reasons Frome Open Studios is so enjoyable; getting to learn more about our town by seeing homes and places we rarely get a chance to encounter.

Other venues nearby were closed on the day I visited, but if you’re going on the weekend, do pop into the neighbouring venues too – they look amazing.

Venue 12: Town Hall – 8 Create

From Keyford we walked across to Frome Town Hall to see 8 Create, comprising of Mount clients Emma Tuck and Lizbeth Spurgeon, and other artists such as Suzanne Woodward, Sue Willis, Sarah Truscott, Sabine Abraham, Amy Yates, and Rosie Hart. This is a great venue to see a large collection of artworks in different media.

Venue 14: Park Road – Behind Town Studio

Just around the corner is venue 14 “Behind Town Studio” featuring Mount clients Stephanie Myler and Jane Robinson, and potter Alison Potter. This venue is always well presented with a brilliant fresh feel to it. Care and thought has been put into this exhibition, making it a pleasure to visit. The three artists have very different styles that work well together.

Jane Robinson artist Frome


Off the trail: Justice Lane – Black Swan Arts

From here we went over to Black Swan Arts, which isn’t officially on the trail, but definitely worth seeing. The current show at the roundtower is one of the best I’ve seen here: it’s subject is the textile industry in Frome, with the ground floor dedicated to its history and the top floor outlining future possibilities to revive the industry using the latest innovations in textile manufacture. This exhibition is interactive: you can have a go at weaving on the loom on the ground floor – visitors have collaboratively made a beautiful tapestry. There are fun little quizzes where you can explore the differences between animal, plant and synthetic yarns, and the visitors book is a work of art in itself.

Frome textile history exhibition


Over in the Long Gallery (upstairs) is an exhibition all about bronze – this too is very informative – you can learn about how bronze sculptures are made, watch a video of a bronze casting and see all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes, as well as some beautiful bronze sculptures. In the hallway and staircase is a brilliant collection of photographs by Tim Gander, printed by us here at Mount, depicting pieces of broken ceramic casing and spilled blobs of bronze which are a waste by-product of the bronze casting process. “Pulled from the skip at the foundry, Art of a Fine Nature in Shepton Mallet, I’ve given new life to what would normally be discarded,” says Tim.

Black Swan Arts Bronze

Tim Gander

Check out our next blog post for the final instalment of our Frome Open Studio tour 


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