Frome Open Studios 2017 (part 2)

Last week’s work experience lad, Tom Holborn, toured as many studios as he could fit in (read his post here). We finally managed to get a half day to get around a few more of this year’s Frome Open Studios.

Sunday’s tour began early on our way to Mount HQ. We stopped off at 58 Catherine Street to talk to Tania Covo, who creates beautiful jewellery. We particularly loved her Found in Frome finds, some of which she embeds into her new line of jewellery. A firm favourite of ours is her sea glass collection. All of her work combines contemporary jewellery design with objects imbued in history – whether they have been in the ocean for 50+ years, or buried in the fields surrounding Frome. Tania’s work will continue to be on display at her shop at 58 Catherine Street, so do pop in whenever you’re passing.

Frome jewellery

Next we headed to Guy Watt‘s amazing collection of graphic drawings. Guy works with fine line pens to create wonderful abstract scenes and patterns.

“The drawings over time have become increasingly complex, ultimately working with a 0.13mm technical ink pen. Each piece may take up to 3 months to execute.”


Guy often has a stall outside La Strada on Market Sundays, so do check it out. He is open to commissions as well as having a good selection of prints available to buy framed or unframed. Email or phone Guy directly if you’re interested in adding any of his work to your collection – or you can do so through us.

Guy Watts in Wine Street, near Sheppard’s Barton

Next on the route was Creatividad en el Sol, who were in the Town Hall. The space was amazing and the work well-curated, especially considering they had a sudden last minute venue change (originally billed to be in Sun Street Chapel). We’re particular fans of Simon Richardson‘s photographs of atmospheric mist-draped woodland (printed and framed by Mount). This venue brought together a collection of many artists, including Rosie Hart, Sabine Abraham, Amy Yates, Suzanne Woodward and more. We’re working with Simon Richardson on an exhibition of his work – keep an eye out for information a little later in the year.

Creatividad en el Sol: work by collected artists, including Simon Richardson and Susan Woodward
Creatividad en el Sol: work by collected artists, including Simon Richardson, Rosie Hart and Susan Woodward – in the Town Hall. Simon Richardson’s photographs are printed and mounted by Mount

Just along the road at Behind Town we caught up with Steph Myler, who has launched a new style of work with her pop art abstracts (printed by Mount). We still love her portraits, capturing her subject’s eccentricities with style. Showing alongside was Jane Robinson, whose botanically-themed work was very on-trend. Follow Steph on Instagram to stay up to date with her work and where she’s exhibiting next.

Behind Town Painters - Steph Myler & Jane Robinson
Behind Town Painters – Steph Myler & Jane Robinson

From Behind Town, we moved towards Keyford to visit Art at 60 Keyford, featuring Mount clients Kate Cochrane, Emma Tuck and Cameron Scott. Kate’s paintings are atmospheric depictions of trees, landscapes and derelict castles. Emma’s pen and ink drawings explore the natural world from unexpected perspectives, and Cameron’s carvings are beautiful narratives that depict autobiographical events and places. For more information on each artist, follow the links on their names. Cameron has a forthcoming exhibition at The Gallery in Castle Cary from 20th July – 16 September – so if you missed him at Frome Open Studios, do pop over to Castle Cary to see the carvings there while you can.

Frome Open Studios 2017
Kate Cochrane, Emma Tuck, Cameron Scott

One thing that is particularly enjoyable about Frome Open Studios is that you get a chance to walk around the town and appreciate bits that you usually might not go to. It was lovely to have the chance to walk down the picturesque Gentle Street on the way back into town from Keyford, and then Paul Street, Catherine Street, Trinity Street and finally our last stop – Gould’s Ground (where we live when not at Mount).

Frome, somerset
tour through Frome (last pic of 13 Gould’s Ground taken from @tradchap’s Instagram feed – all others by Mount)

Our next stop was our home neighbourhood of Gould’s Ground. Seth and Aly are away at the moment, leaving their lovely home to be looked after by Tiffany Riley. Tiffany was celebrating her 50th birthday (happy birthday, Tiffany!)

Her tiny oil paintings are inspired by Somerset, and Crete (where she lives). Our favourite was the beautiful glass and brass kaleidoscope with colourful Cretan finds such as sea glass, beads and pearls.

Tiffany Riley
Tiffany Riley

We finished our tour at Peter Yorke’s house. His work is playfully thought-provoking and eclectic. We printed and mounted a series of triptych’s of Peter’s recent kaleidoscopic work (which had an obvious but unintentional relationship with the kaleidoscope over at Tiffany’s studio). This work was made while Peter was recovering from a hand injury and shows a brilliant mix of seeing everyday places and objects from a new perspective, with an almost claustrophobic feeling evoked by the repeated and mirrored patterns he created.

The most intriguing piece was an appropriated object with a beautiful but mysterious sculptural form. Peter explained that he found it in a skip – and eventually I teased out of him that it was originally in use as part of a cashier desk in a railway station.

peter yorke

There were many other studios that we wanted to get to, but time didn’t allow. Congratulations to all involved in the trail. If you would like any more information about any of the artists featured in this post or Tom Holborn’s earlier post, please get in touch.


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