We’re currently on a framing hiatus, read about why here.

We plan to return in September with a new range of frames to choose from that will cater to various budgets. At the heart of the changes we’re making to our business is the desire for sustainability: we’re tired of our increasingly throw-away culture. Everything we do aims towards being long-lasting and honest. Going forward we want to move to a new business model that doesn’t rely on just one person, and that can allow us to grow smoothly. Before we can launch our new sustainable way forward we need to get the theory and preparations right so we can hit the ground running and make a success of our new direction. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If you already booked a job in:

We’re working on completing all of the jobs that are currently in the system, so if you’re waiting to collect a frame you’ve already booked in then please don’t worry – we’re focussing on getting all our frame jobs done asap (the backlog of work we already have in will ensure we can continue to pay our staff and overheads during the framing hiatus, so we are more than happy to frame these works).

Read the blog post for a full Q&A lowdown.


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