NOTE: The framing department is currently fully booked and unable to take new frame orders at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Why we frame

We love expressions of creativity and emotion, whether that’s Constable, Picasso, a football mascot, your child’s drawings, or the love letters between your grandparents. Any true expression of emotion is art. We want to help people connect to and enjoy this art, to protect it for years to come, and to use our skills and knowledge to make frames that are quietly beautiful, inside and out.

Integrity and standards

Our frames are led by integrity, not by price.

The most common timber used in picture framing is Obeche, which comes from tropical forests in Africa. It’s widely used by framers because it’s cheap and has a very even and indistinct grain. At Mount we refuse to keep using timber that is logged, albeit legally, in huge quantities from sensitive areas that shouldn’t be used for commercial exploitation. We’re phasing obeche out of our offering completely, replacing it with a new pared-back selection of frame mouldings that we deem to have a high ethical and sustainable integrity. Read more.

The inside of a frame is as important as the outside. Many framers drive down prices by making frames quickly using cheap materials that degrade paper over time. Many “conservation” mountboards and materials are often so-called as a marketing spin, and are not recommended by genuine conservators. We only use materials that have been approved by paper conservators, which means we only use cotton mountboards, and specialist gummed tapes or traditional starch-paste and mulberry paper. We adhere to International Organisation for Standardisation guidelines to ensure that our materials and techniques will not damage the image or accelerate natural decay rates.


Custom framing is similar to getting a suit made for you by a tailor, and this can be a good way of thinking about the cost of handmade frames too. The price varies depending on the materials used and the standard required. Prices start at around £85 and average at around £400, but can be more for large or complex frames. We’re working on a simple online selection which will be cheaper than our fully bespoke service, TBA.

How to use us

We have staff and household members who are vulnerable to covid-19 complications, so we’re running on a new appointment system to control how many people are in the space at any one time. All available times are listed on our new online booking system, which includes the option for a telephone chat if you’d rather not come in or want to go through things before seeing us in-person. If you can’t keep your appointment please let us know so we can reschedule. We’re organising a system to collect artwork from homes (email us to enquire). Click here for more information about accessibility to our space in response to Covid-19.

Waiting times
The framing department is currently fully booked and unable to take new frame orders at the moment. Sorry for any inconvenience.