NOTE: We are no longer offering a framing service. But do check out these tips and advice ahead of finding a framer for your project!

Tips & advice

We’re no longer offer a bespoke framing service, but while we did, we learnt a lot about the industry and the multitude of sins many framers leave hidden within their frames. Here’s some tips for anyone looking to appoint a bespoke framer:

Ask for FSC non-obeche timber

The most common timber used in picture framing is Obeche, which comes from tropical forests in Africa. It’s widely used by framers because it’s cheap and has a very even and indistinct grain. At Mount we refused to keep using timber that is logged, albeit legally, in huge quantities from sensitive areas that shouldn’t be used for commercial exploitation. You can specify that you don’t want to use any moulding that uses obeche, and FSC is always a good standard to go for.

The inside is important

The inside of a frame is as important as the outside. Many framers drive down prices by making frames quickly using cheap materials that degrade paper over time. Many “conservation” mountboards and materials are often so-called as a marketing spin, and are not recommended by genuine conservators. We recommend going for alpha-cellulose microchamber mountboard, which has zeolites (natural purifying minerals) incorporated within them that pro-actively traps and neutralise pollutants from the atmosphere, as well as those generated by the artwork itself. This prevents chemical damage to the artwork, and significantly enhances the artwork’s longevity. 100% cotton board is great as well. Ask your framer to use archival corri-cor backing board rather than MDF. Your framer should only use reversible mounting techniques with acid-free non self-adhesive tapes. Textiles should be stitched to board, never glued.

NOTE: We are no longer accepting bespoke framing orders. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please note that we are not involved in any picture framing business. Any picture framing business named “Mount” or similar is not affiliated with us and we can’t vouch for the quality of their service.