Framing postcards

Framing small art works

In 2016 Black Swan Arts ran an exhibition of 1000 postcards donated by artists from across the country.

During the exhibition we had lots of people ask us about the best way of framing postcards. The best thing to do is to make an appointment by emailing or calling us on 01373 473894. We’ll take a look at your postcard purchase, and design a bespoke frame that suits the work.

In general it tends to be good to float-mount small art works, so you don’t lose any of the picture behind the mount board. But this isn’t always the case. Here are some examples:

We enjoyed framing this beautiful A6 pastel by Kate Cochrane, just one possible frame design that works well for postcard-sized art.

framing postcards Kate Cochrane artist

Given the small size, this frame stands up nicely and can be displayed on a shelf or mantelpiece.

framing postcards

We loved framing these beautiful cactus drawings bought at the Black Swan Arts 1000 postcard exhibition. We went for a black float mount that really made the subtle fiery colours in the work sing.

framing small art

This tiny etching looks great with a hand-finished black moulding and a simple double-thickness window mount. It’s a good idea to give small artworks some space when framing to give them the presence they deserve.

framing a small etching

Here’s a small artwork by Selena Ogilvy (slightly smaller than A6) which we framed for her show at Bruton Art Factory last year.

selina o 2

Here is a collection of 3 stone pebbles mounted on roughly A6 size paper by Clare Mahoney. This frame can be hung on a wall or stood up on a shelf.

framing small artworks

This set of A6 cards worked well as a triptych. This is an example of a window mount working well.

postcard triptych

This beautiful approx A6 painting by Mim Sheppard looked fantastic behind AR glass

miriam sheppard

picture framing vouchers

Five lucky 1000 postcard buyers should have each received a Mount voucher. Check the back of your postcard or inside your envelope carefully. The vouchers are smaller than A6 size and printed onto beautiful metallic sheen paper that has a distinctive bluish sheen to it when it catches the light.

As far as we know all five postcards have now sold

36w | 449w | 461w | 2o | 91o

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