Framing historic documents: world book night

Happy World Book Night!

We’ve framed some amazing literary things, including an original handwritten letter by Thomas Hardy, and a typewritten letter from Ray Bradbury.

Thomas Hardy framed letter

Framing historical documents - Thomas Hardy

Our framemaker, Simon, used museum-standard archival materials. Acid-free and inert; these materials ensure the continued protection of these important historic documents. Anti-reflective glass ensures that the documents can be easily seen, without distracting reflections.


framing historic documents Ray Bradbury

If you’re thinking about framing historic documents, it’s important to get it done properly in order to protect them, and avoid costly conservation further down the line. Pop into the workshop and have a chat with Simon.

Our resident graphic designer specialises in designing for arts and literature. She’s designed various book covers and is happy to take on new book cover designs.

Her online portfolio is here:



Happy reading and writing!


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