updated August 2021

As a small business we’re vulnerable to closure should any of our staff be told to self-isolate. We can’t afford to stop operations for even one day at the moment. For this reason, we’re still being Covid-cautious.

We ask that visitors continue to wear masks, and don’t come in if you have Covid symptoms or have been in contact with anyone who has tested positive.

We’re continuing to make use of our two door system:

Our Collections door is for those collecting completed frames and prints, and anyone who has dropped in without an appointment, and for deliveries.

Our Appointments door is for anyone who has booked in for a framing or printing consultation via our website. Please only use this entrance if you have a consultation appointment.

We can accept up to 2 people from one household into any one area of our space. Please abide by 2m distancing advice.

If you’d like to chat to us before coming in, or instead of coming in, then book a telephone appointment via the booking system. We’re not able to answer the phone much at the moment so you’ll struggle to get through without arranging it first (read more here).

Once all our staff are fully vaccinated and we’re more confident that the risk of being told to close and self-isolate is slim, we’ll review these measures. Until then, thanks for following these temporary guidelines in order to protect our livelihoods.


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