Black Swan Arts 1000 Postcards

Mount is delighted to be supporting the excellent Black Swan Arts 1000 postcard exhibition. If you haven’t already had a look at the show, we recommend going; it’s beautifully curated, it’s varied and exciting.

Black Swan Arts 1000 postcards

Black Swan Arts 1000 postcards wall of fame (designed by Mount)


Mount Art Services postcard framing

The postcards are for sale at £30 each, with all proceeds going to Black Swan Arts’ Round Tower restoration project. Each postcard is exhibited anonymously so you don’t know if your favourite one is by a celebrity like Huey Morgan, or a professional artist or a neighbour.

Mount has donated 5 discount vouchers to 5 secretly selected postcards. If you’ve bought a postcard, check your envelope carefully to see if you’re one of the 5 lucky winners!

mount voucher free A6 smaller  mount voucher 50 A6 smaller 3

Even if you haven’t won a voucher, Mount is happy to offer you a framing consultation, giving advice on the best bespoke framing method for your particular postcard to ensure it is beautifully protected for years to come. We’re based at the Silk Mill in Frome – call to book an appointment in advance to avoid disappointment, or pop in to the studio.

Mount Framing Frome

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