You can book to see us about printing or scanning in different locations on different days:

Shatwell Farm near Castle Cary/ The Newt in Somerset

Click on the “book an appointment” button to see available appointments at our production facility at Shatwell Farm, near The Newt in Somerset.

Silk Mill in Frome

Production is no longer based in Frome. If you’re unable to visit us at Shatwell Farm, we can offer to meet you at the Silk Mill, but there are minimum order requirements for this service. Email for more information.

Phone appointment

No need to travel anywhere, we’ll call you for a chat about printing and/ or scanning and digital imaging.

Clicking the link below will take you to our booking systems page where you can book a printing consultation in either location, or to book a phone call:


We’re currently not accepting new picture framing orders, except batches of at least 5 of the same frame (if batch framing something you want to talk to us about, please email, or book a phone appointment and specify that you want to talk about a batch framing project)