Advent Artists: Susanna Lisle

Every day during Advent 2015 we’ll feature a different South West artist. We’ve framed, printed or exhibited the artists featured in Advent Artists.

16th December: Susanna Lisle

Susanna Lisle’s paintings explore colour and geometric pattern, she is interested in how patterns lead the eye in a complex and endless rhythm. The formal issue of painting interests Susanna, and the use of colour in evoking sensations and ideas, particularly of the natural world. Islamic pattern, Moorish architecture and mosaics all inspire her. Susanna studied an MA at Bath Spa University, and Painting at Goldsmiths College of Art in London. Susanna has exhibited widely, including London, Bristol, Bath, RWA, Frome and Dorset. She recently had a solo show at Andelli Art in Wells.

Susanna Lisle
Snow Pattern, 2013
Susanna Lisle
Inglescombe, 2015
Susanna Lisle Andelli Art
Solo exhibition at Andelli Art, 2015
Susanna Lisle
The Lichen Tree, 2012

We have worked with Susanna in a similar way to other artists featured on Advent Artists, such as Hannah Carding: we supply Susanna with a cut mount, painted and joined frame, cut glass, backboard and fittings – Susanna then puts it all together.

Susanna Lisle
Forest Study IV, 2013

Susanna’s father, Frank Lisle, was an important artist and art teacher – he taught David Hockey at Bradford College of Art. Her mother, June Lisle, is also an important artist well known across Dorset and the South West.

To find out more about Susanna, go to her website

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