Advent Artists: Selena Ogilvy

Every day during Advent 2015 we’ll feature a different South West artist. We’ve framed, printed or exhibited the artists featured in Advent Artists.

24th December: Selena Ogilvy

For our final Advent Artists we talk to Selena Ogilvy about her practice.

Mount: Please tell us about your background.

Selena: Working as an artist’s assistant (painter) meant that I learnt to love paint. I worked for Yinka Shonibare MBE for over ten years. Before that I did my Fine Art degree in Critical Fine Art Practice at Central Saint Martins. It was an ideas-led degree. Whatever medium suited the idea- was the order of making. Then ensued a few years of Performance, Live Art, Time-based Media, Photography. One of the constant themes that popped up was the multiple references to other artworks/artists. This referencing has slowly returned in my painting. Finding a voice of my own by attending the MFA at Bath School of Art and Design (Bath Spa University) helped to progress that last year.

yinka shonibare mbe Selena Ogilvy
Eden Painting , Yinka Shonibare MBE – Selena worked on this and many other projects for Yinka.

Mount: Can you describe your art practice/ what your art work explores?

Selena: Marrying together the skill and craft of making, together with ideas, is my main concern. This is where my context/legacy lies: Artist’s Assistant and Art Fandom. I scour for artists old and new, at fairs, at exhibitions. Then there are the memories of images too- the strangeness of their origin- be it a design from a domestic plate, a child’s book, an animation. Hopefully this all pulls together to explain where, why and how I make art.

Selena O
4am – Shown at Hope of Wrecks, At Albans alongside artists such as David Shrigley
Selena Ogilvy
Puce Party

Recently, Selena’s work has been shown at Bath Studios, Bruton Art Factory, Hull One Minute film Festival. Other exhibitions include Cardiff Art in Time Festival, LUPA events (Lock Up Performance Art), St. Albans Museum, ICA and other locations such as L.A., Berlin, Poznan. Sometimes Selena works under other names.

Selina Ogilvy
Currently at Bruton Art Factory’s Cold Kisses exhibition
selina ogilvy
Currently at Bruton Art Factory. Framed by Mount, Frome.


Selena’s website is at Visit Bruton Art Factory to see her work.

That’s the end of Advent Artists! We hope you’ve enjoyed hearing about all these exciting artists and the galleries that show them. It’s been inspiring, looking back at all the artists we’ve framed and worked with so far during our first year in Frome. Merry Christmas everyone, and Happy New Year: let’s all buy lots of art in 2016 and keep supporting these amazing people!

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