Advent Artists: Sae Murai

Every day during Advent 2015 we’ll feature a different South West artist. We’ve framed, printed or exhibited the artists featured in Advent Artists.

17th December: Sae Murai

Sae Murai is a mixed media artist working across the disciplines of textiles and ceramics. Her practice is continually evolving as she develops her knowledge of new techniques and materials. The experience of training and growing up in Japan has had a profound effect on her, due to the change of cultures, customs, and lifestyles.

Her work is small scale and investigates the often overlooked details of the natural world. Her interests lie in making and constructing, exploring form and organic shapes found in nature. Sae enjoys experimenting with texture and using a combination of different textural techniques; French knitting, Paper making, Printmaking, Drawing, Embroidery, weaving and Clay work. Sae is a recent graduate of Bath Spa’s Creative Arts BA, and has had her work in many exhibitions, including Black Swan’s Open 2015, the Pound Art centre in Corsham, the O3 Gallery in Oxford, RUH Bath, Lane House Arts Bath, and in London. She was a winner of the Porthleven Prize in 2014.

Sae Murai
Currently showing at Mount’s gallery. Porcelain discs pinned to board, with copper oxide line. For sale £750

mount gallery

Sae Murai at Mount Art

Sae Murai

Sae Murai


Sae Murai and Jennifer Newbury Legend
Legend, a collaboration between Sae Murai and Jennifer Newbury – at Black Swan Open 2015, Frome
Sae Murai and Jennifer Newbury Legend Porthleven Prize Bath Spa
Legend – Sae Murai and Jennifer Newbury

Legend was a collaboration between Sae and artist/ writer Jennifer Newbury. This was part of their Porthleven Prize work and has been shown in Oxford, Bath, London, Corsham and Frome. Simon provided Sae with the board, he mounted the print of Jennifer’s text onto the board that Sae then pinned the map onto. Simon made the frame surround, and Sae made a perspex box to protect the map. The map can be displayed on a plinth with the box, or on a wall. This piece is currently at Mount Art gallery and costs £2500.

Sae Murai french knitting
large scale french knitting on Loe Bar, Cornwall.
Sae Murai Porthleven Prize Bath Spa
Sae making an installation for The Porthleven prize, Cornwall

Sae Murai Bath Spa Porthleven Prize


Sae Murai at Mount Art Frome
Porcelain, pins, copper oxide. For sale at Mount Art, Frome

Sae had these two porcelain pieces framed by us, they are currently showing here at Mount Art gallery, £70 each.

Find out more about Sae on her website and blog

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