Advent Artists: Phyllis Wolff

Every day during Advent 2015 we’ll feature a different South West artist. We’ve framed, printed or exhibited the artists featured in Advent Artists.

7th December: Phyllis Wolff

Phyllis Wolff studied art at Goldsmiths’ College and St Martins School of Art, and taught at Kingston School of Art before moving to Dorset. Since then she has built a reputation as an important Dorset artist, represented in private and public collections, as well exhibiting widely in galleries in England and abroad.

Sometimes working in watercolour, charcoal, or making prints, Phyllis’ preferred medium is oil on canvas. Most of her work is figurative: portraits, still lifes and of course landscapes.

Phyllis Wolff


Simon framed this large map painting under acrylic to reduce the weight of the finished framed picture.

Phyllis Wolff

Dorchester Museum gallery Phyllis Wolff Dorset

Phyllis has exhibited across the UK, with a recent solo show at Dorset County Museum, for which Simon framed several pieces.

Landscape and Identity Phyllis Wolff at Dorset County Museum

Find out more at Phyllis’s website

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