Advent Artists: Miriam Sheppard

Every day during Advent 2015 we featured a different South West artist. We’ve framed for, printed for or exhibited the artists featured in Advent Artists. Note that this feature was written in 2015 so there will be elements that are out of date.


1st December: Miriam Sheppard

Miriam Sheppard is best known for her incredible depictions of complex Somerset skies. Her work has been longlisted for RWA, selected for Bath Society of Artists exhibition, featured in many exhibitions across the South West, and earlier this year she had a solo show at Black Swan Arts Roundtower gallery.

MA Sheppard

Miriam Sheppard

Graphic Design Mount Art

(poster designed by Mount)

Miriam is available for commissions, check out the commissions section on her website, which features excellent advice for anyone who is thinking about commissioning an artist for a bespoke artwork.

Mount Art Framer Frome

“The natural world provides an endless source of inspiration for an artist. It is usually the atmosphere that first catches my imagination although there are many things within a landscape that can trigger ideas. By excluding people, animals, roads, buildings etc. my focus is the landscape itself.

My paintings all start as simple sketches, I then develop ideas in the studio. I paint in oils using thin layers of colour, allowing the painting to evolve rather than following a very tight scheme. Oil paint has a richness and luminosity that lends itself to my method of developing a painting.”

Find out more:

Follow Mim on Twitter: @MASheppard1


Mount Art Frome

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