Advent Artists: Lizbeth Spurgeon

Every day during Advent 2015 we’ll feature a different South West artist. We’ve framed, printed or exhibited the artists featured in Advent Artists.

15th December: Lizbeth Spurgeon

Lizbeth is a painter who often depicts abstract or dream-like landscapes. There is a wonderful tension in her work, a sense of the foreboding is often balanced with subtle hints of golden light. The dream-like quality of her work is not at all whimsical, it brilliantly conveys the tension of dreams; the interplay between hope, the fantastic, the unknown, and their counterparts: fear, reality, familiarity. These landscapes look like places I have been before, but I can’t exactly place where I’ve seen them.

My favourite piece is a triptych Out of the Blue, which depicts an abstract thicket-type foreground that appears to be smouldering red fire. Beyond this in the distance is a towering mountain range, the peaks partially obscured by a haze of blue cloud. There is a subtle silver-glow lining the fringes of this mountain range. The colours in this painting are extraordinary, and so evocative.

Lizbeth Spurgeon
framed by Mount

Lizbeth Spurgeon

I love the way Simon framed it, the blue of the undermount and the dark blue he painted the moulding gives the triptych a clean contemporary feel that helps lift the painting.

What I particularly admire about Lizbeth’s paintings are how open they are to interpretation, there are many ways to read this work, it’s down to the viewer to define what it is about and what it means, and that meaning is sure to change in tandem with the viewer. These sorts of paintings are often the richest, and the best to buy, as it will change with you. We’ve had Out of the Blue here at Mount for a while, and each time I look at it I get something different from it. We’ll be hanging Out of the Blue on our gallery wall in the New Year as part of our workshop rejuvenations, unless it is sold beforehand. The current price is £320.

Lizbeth Spurgeon

Lizbeth Spurgeon

liz 04 liz 05

Lizbeth Spurgeon at Bruton Art Factory

Lizbeth’s work is currently showing at Bruton Art Factory.

For more information about Lizbeth, go to her website

and follow her on Facebook

We have a set of Out of the Blue bookmarks here at Mount, free to take.

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