I care about art, and I care about the environment.

Everything I do aims at deepening my connection to art and to nature. I’ve always loved making and designing things that feel good to use and hold, and that are well-made inside and out. And I like to solve problems, to push the envelope and find new or better ways of doing things.

I learned to frame at art school by our course leader, David Hazel; a man of real integrity who always taught his students to do things properly. He cared about the protection and presentation of artworks; when he went to exhibitions he’d look at the frames first, the artwork second. I owe much of the way I work to Dave’s lessons.

After 5 years art and design education I needed to restore some balance. I’ve always been keenly interested in nature and environmental conservation, so I swapped art school for agricultural college and spent the next two years studying Wildlife Conservation. The professional years that followed combined these two loves, and I spent half my time as a nature gardener and the other half as a picture framer.

I started Mount in 2015 with my partner, Jennifer. Together we built a celebrated framing business with a loyal customer base. I framed solidly for five years, no nature work at all. By January 2020 I knew that I wanted to rebalance my life again and bring in more nature. And then coronavirus happened. During lockdown I re-evaluated what I want, and realised how much I’d lost sight of what was most important to me. A meticulous person like me can get lost in the tiny details and it takes something big to draw you back out.

We no longer have set opening times, and our new appointment system means my time is more structured. I can now book time into my day to stay connected to the bigger picture. I’ve spent the past few years teaching my staff; it’s time to hand more over to them so I’m free to steer my business in the direction I always wanted to take it.

Mount is transitioning to become as sustainable and environmentally aware as we can be, and we’ll be exploring our natural world with our work. Part of this is a considered approach to living; an important book to both myself and Jennifer is Bill Coperthwaite’s A Handmade Life. He says it best:

Surroundings are important. Remember, the dishes and clothes we use for every day are more important to our visual sense and wellbeing than those used only for special occasions. What matters most is not expense but awareness. And what is beautiful is easier to live with and care for. If we had fewer things and more meaningful ones, our homes and towns would be less cluttered, less ugly, and more peaceful. Our surroundings have a direct relationship to how tired we get and how happy we feel.

This considered approach to life helps us tread more lightly on this earth, as well as enjoy it more. It’s an idea that underpins my reason for being. Read more about our stance on the environment here:

The Team

Simon Director

Jennifer Creative Director

Joe Admin and Framing Assistant

Tom Frame carpenter

Karen Associate Gilder

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