A new mayoral chain for Peter Macfadyen

Framemaker Simon Keyte has made a new mayoral chain for Frome’s town mayor, Peter Macfadyen.

Peter Macfadyen invites local businesses, schools and organisations to make him an alternative mayoral chain. The chains reveal something of the character of the giver and also Frome itself.

Peter has now collected quite a few. Photomax Plastics Ltd made him a chain of plastic items such as spoons and bottle lids, he’s got a chain of crisp packets and even a solar powered chain!

Our resident picture framer, Simon, took up the challenge and made Peter a Mount-themed mayoral chain.

picture framer Simon Keyte makes Peter Macfayden a new mayoral chain

He used picture framing mouldings cut into triangles. Simon selected a mix of lovely black walnut, which has a rich darker tone, and the lighter toned maple and some beautiful oak. Simon hand-carved the pendant from lime wood, and gold-painted the details. He framed the pendant in a thin oak moulding. The silk-like ribbons represent Mount’s colours and the fact that we are based in an old silk mill.

 a new mayoral chain for Peter Macfadyen made by Mount Art Services Peter Macfayden's new mayoral chain by Mount Art Services, Frome.

Peter wore the chain for the duration of Frome Independent market day and looked very dashing in it too!

Peter Macfayden with Framemaker Simon Keyte and graphic designer Jennifer Newbury of Mount Art Services


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