My name is Jennifer Kyte. My professional career spans different disciplines: giclee printing and art scanning, graphic design, photography, and creative writing. I’ve given each discipline its own identity, each with their own branding and websites. You’ve come to my mother site – the place where all three sit together in one place. I recommend that you navigate to the site that suits your needs best, where you’ll find a lot more specific information about each discipline and my approaches.

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Mount Art Services was formed in 2015 by myself and my partner, Simon – he specialised in picture framing, and for many years Mount was known for the quality of his work. I specialise in giclee printing and art scanning via Peradam, graphic design via Coo-ee, and writing and photography under my own name. Simon no longer frames, but there are still many framing references on this site. Any references to us offering a framing are out of date, but I’m leaving some of the information up there in case it’s useful to anyone.


Printing & Scanning

Peradam Print: Fully colour-managed fine art and photographic giclée printing, and high-end scanning up to A1 size.

Graphic design

Coo-ee Studio: graphic design for artists, writers & cultural organisations, specialising in book and layout design, as well as children’s book illustration.

About us

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What we care about

We want to help further people’s wellbeing and knowledge of the natural world, to promote a one-planet model of living, and to celebrate products with true integrity that will stand the tests of time.

I would like to see beauty all around us, not only in the things that are about us in our daily lives but also in how these things were made, in how we paid for them, in how our choices show that we treat our fellow dwellers on this earth with respect.

This quote from Bill Coperthwaite’s A Handmade Life summarises the way we approach our work and our lives. I want great products and services, and to pay an honest amount for them. We believe that by living a gentle and considerate life we can reduce our impact on the planet and be happier. We’re working on reducing our environmental impact by using sustainable materials and by creating beautiful products that will stand the tests of time. Our aim is to live and work with consideration for the natural world and future generations.